Get Your Site Peer-Reviewed With Criticue

A few days ago on Hacker News someone posted they were launching an app called Criticue, a peer-review web app where to get any feedback you have to give feedback. I thought it was an interesting idea, so decided to give it a go and submitted Scribbbles as I wanted to get some feedback on what I had accomplished so far. So far it works pretty well!


No Login Required

This was definitely a great way to get things started. I didnt need to create an account. All I had to do was enter an address to a site I wanted people to review. In the end, i ended up creating an account so that I could keep track of everything.

I'll Look At Yours If You Look At Mine

The one-for-one flow seems to be working really well. The past few nights Ive been making changes based on the feedback Ive received. when Im done making changes, I hop on Criticue and review 4 or 5 sites before I go to bed, earning "reviews" (basically the number of times my site will be reviewed by others before I have to review more). Consistenly I've been able to wake up and be greeted with 4-5 emails saying that I have reviews waiting to be read. Sweet!

A Few Suggestions

Heres a few suggestions that might help:

Cache the Screen Grab.

This would definitely make things faster when reviewing sites. If its a matter of providing an up to date grab of the site, I would say let users control that by resubmitting their site to generate a nee grab for people to see.

Fix Mobile Logins

Ive tried logging in on my mobile devices (iPhone and iPad) and it juat doesbt work. I spend a good amount of time commuting by train and this would be a good way to pass time…if I could get to it.

Update: I originally had filed a feedback report noting this, and actually got an email back from Marcin, who I would assume is the creator of Criticue, saying that it has been noted and added to their backlog of fixes to make.


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